Thank you for your interest in the Augusta Diving Club. The Diving Club is for divers ages 7 through 17, who would like to learn how to become a better diver and would like to compete with other divers his or her age.
I was the North Carolina High School State Diving Champion in 1972 and went on to dive for the University of South Carolina. I competed in the NCAA Diving Championships and finished in the top 40.
In 2009 I coached the Lakeside High School divers. Because of the increased interest in springboard diving that year, I started the Augusta Diving Club. Since that time I have trained 25 high school divers, 15 age group divers and provided summer diving clinics to over 75 divers at area community pools.  In addition to coaching, I work for CallingPost Communictions. A company for group & team leaders (
My goal is for each diver to be safe and enjoy diving. For those who have the desire, dedication, and discipline, I would like them to be able to compete successfully in high school and be able to earn a college diving scholarship. In addition to becoming skilled in diving, my goal is that each diver will become more confident in himself or herself, on and off the diving board. Feel free to contact me with any questions. 
Best Regards, Jim Tingen Diving Coach

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